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This service make your training experience to whole another level!
You'll leave your own unform, and we take care of washing and drying for your next training session!

Your own uniform is kept at the dojo and are washed and dried after each use. In case it does not dry, you are guaranteed to use a clean rental uniform. You can also leave your belt.
The service fee is 12,000 yen + tax per month, and there is a 10% discount for annual contracts. This service is recommended for those who want to reduce the stress after practice and avoid the hassle of bringing home dirty uniforms.

Uniform laundry & storage service

PriceFrom ¥10,800
Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
One-time purchase
¥12,000every month until canceled
¥10,800every month for 12 months
  • Once you start a service contract, you cannot cancel the current month for any reason.
    For annual subscriptions, we will recalculate the non-discount service fee up to the current month and refund the difference.

    Refunds due to cancellation will be subject to a 10% administrative fee based on the remaining balance.


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