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Description based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Office name

4-43-1 Midori, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0021

Contact number 080 3450 9585

Business content

Fight fitness gym management, miscellaneous goods sales, talent management

Representative's name

Keisuke Max Masuzawa

Operation manager

Keisuke Max Masuzawa

Business location

4-43-1 Midori, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0021

Contact number 080 3450 9585

business hours

Weekdays 11:00-21:00 / Saturdays 10:00-18:00 / Closed on Sundays and holidays


Phone: 080-3450-9585


Fees & Prices

It is listed under "Prices" on the site.

Charges, etc. that occur in addition to the product price

Communication charges prescribed by your telecommunications company will be incurred when viewing this site, sending and receiving e-mails when making inquiries, etc.

payment method

Bank transfer, cash at physical stores, and PayPay are accepted.
(Preparing to use credit card payment. Please wait a little longer.)

how to apply

Apply online

Payment period

・Regular billing (monthly fee)

Credit card payment/cash (monthly member plan): For the first time, at the time of application (cash is also accepted), from the next month onward, billing will be made on the 1st of each month.


・Pay-as-you-go (pay-as-you-go fee)

Credit card payment/cash: Billed at time of application for "Ticket Member Plan", billed at time of purchase for "Items"

Product delivery time

You can use the "Monthly Membership Plan" immediately after completing your application.

When purchasing an item, the item will be handed to you when you visit the store after paying by credit card.

About returns

Due to the nature of the product (lessons & memberships), we cannot accept returns. Please note.




About cancelling membership

Please apply for cancellation in writing (must arrive) or by email by the last day of the month prior to the month in which you wish to cancel.

*Please note that you must continue your membership for two months after joining.

*If the last day of the month coincides with a regular holiday of the registered store, please contact us by the previous business day.

*If you cancel your subscription, we will not provide services or bill you for the following month.

*Cancellations can be made at the store.

*We do not accept refunds for mid-term cancellations.

About the services of this site

For some reason, the system may go down and the service may be unavailable. In this case, it may take some time for the system to recover.


The Academy shall not be held responsible for any unavailability or interruption of services on this site caused by server troubles, network troubles, or other force majeure events, unless there is intentional or gross negligence on the part of the Academy.

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